My Social Apps - 2016 Edition

I’ve been converting my Squarespace blog over to Jekyll. It’s been fun learning new things (including basic Javascript and Ruby), and seeing old posts.

When updating some tags, I saw this post from 2012 with the social folder on my iPhone.


So, I decided to update. Here ya go:

iPhone 2016

Some observations:

  • Still using Tweetbot

  • Starting to use Instagram again (well, again-again…)

  • Still use (and hate) Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Foursquare has given way to Swarm. Same shit, different app.

  • Glympse is still hanging in there, but Find My Friends has really replaced it.

  • RIP Netbot, Google Voice, and Google+

  • I really enjoy Timehop

  • Periscope, but I hardly open it.

  • Twitterific is there for nostalgia. Twitter is there because some stuff just doesn’t work in third-party apps.

  • Peach. 😴

  • I’m deleting Tumblr now. Forgot it was there.

I also see how I’ve changed the folder name from “Social” to “Connect” to “Waste Time” with a toilet emoji.

Seems about right.

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