Lou Dobbs Walks

It’s not really too much of a surprise, but it was quick. Today, Lou Dobbs, CNN’s most opinionated anchor, announced on his show tonight that this was his last show.

He’s been under fire lately for his strong views on immigration and the economy. He does a daily radio show and anchors the CNN show in the evenings. He used to spout opinion on the radio show, and stick to basic journalism on CNN, but for the last few years, more and more opinion has been creeping in. According to the <a class=”offsite-link-inline” href=”http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/12/business/media/12dobbs.html” target=”blank”>New York Times</a>, Dobbs was given the ultimatum by his boss, CNN’s president Jonathan Klein, to leave the opinion at the door or find a new avenue to express the opinion.

I commend Dobbs for sticking to his ideals. It must have been a really tough decision. Dobbs is the “Last of the Mohicans” at CNN. He signed on in 1980 when the network was formed, and has been there ever since, save a couple of years in the ‘90’s. He decided that his beliefs were more important than a nightly show on CNN. Good for him. Of course, CNN’s prime time ratings have been slipping steadily for months, partially due to the fact that they actually “do” news, and not opinion. See my recent <a href=”/blog/2009/11/11/another-reason-the-news-in-foxnews-is-laughable.html”>Fox News post</a>

Some will miss Lou, some are glad he’s gone. Either way, hopefully CNN can fill his pearly white capped teeth. Er, shoes…