An Open Letter to Amazon. About Herpes.

You should really work on this. Today, after cleaning my dog's ears (and my own) using a popular name-brand cotton swab, I noticed I was running low. As a dedicated customer and Amazon Prime free-shipping member for several years, I dutifully go to my iMac and type "Q Tip" into your search box. I get a very comprehensive list of several different retailers offering me this fine personal hygiene product. In the sidebar, I also get the recommendations pictured.

I get all of the department choices, and the choices between swabs and balls. But the "Surviving Herpes" Listmania choice confuses me. As someone who has recently bought a USB microphone, a computer headset, a video-editing shuttle controller, and a couple of environmental Kindle books (to read on my iPad), how exactly does a Q Tip search change my Listmania recommendation to those related to sexually transmitted disease? Is there some sort of connection between herpes and cotton on a stick? Also, can you explain why the aforementioned list is headed by a graphic of a dog toy I recently purchased?

Your prompt response is appreciated.

-Jimmy Little, loyal customer since 1998. Back when you just sold books.