Apple Wants You - to buy iPhone apps

Apple is going to release iPhone 2.0 software and open the App store soon. Very soon. Rumor has it that it will be June 9th at WWDC, and there’s now one more reason to believe it. Apple’s Back-To-School promotion, usually held in late summer, offers a free iPod Nano to students buying a laptop or desktop Mac. This year, the promotion starts in early June, and includes the iPod Touch as one of the freebies.

Why is this important? Because the iPod Touch can run the same software that the iPhone can. Steve Jobs and Apple are willing to take the initial hit of giving away the low-end 8GB iPod Touch in order to sell, sell, sell more apps this summer. It’s looking like Jobs will announce iPhone 2.0 software, iPod Touch 2.0 software, and open the app store as part of his keynote address at WWDC. There’s also rumors of new 3G iPhone hardware, but I think ol’ Steve will save that for its own event. Maybe June 23, on iPhone’s 1st birthday?

That’s my take, anyway.