As Time Goes By

I just found an old Tumblr post of mine from two years ago. It’s a screenshot of my social apps from November 2010.


Do you believe I actually used Google Buzz? Remember that? Also in the dustbin are 12mail, which posted 12 second videos to Twitter; and Gowalla, a social network that went nowhere. iOS’s Push Notification system has replaced Boxcar entirely, and I never really used Bump or IM+. Instagram, Facebook, and Foursquare are still there for me, but Tweetbot has totally replaced Twitter’s crappy app.

For reference, here is my current social folder:


I absolutely LOVE Tweetbot and Netbot. Facebook is there because I am forced to use it. I still don’t like Facebook all that much, but it seems a necessary evil. I just logged into Instagram again after months of inactivity. You’ll notice the shitty Instagram filter on the first screenshot. I try not to do that anymore. I feel like people are going to be really mad in a few years when all of their pictures look like they were taken on a toy camera.

Google+ is there for some reason, and What’s App and Google Voice only get used for very specific purposes. I am all over Foursquare lately, and Glympse is incredible for letting people know when you’re arriving.

So there it is. Because you didn’t ask.