Eat that, Greenpeace

There’s another chapter in the long, long, battle between Greenpeace and everyone, including all electronic companies.

Recently, Apple fell on Greenpeace’s scale of electronic companies, despite the fact that Apple has eliminated lead, PVC, harmful fire retardants, and surplus packaging from all their products. <!– more –>
Now, Apple has partnered (again) with Paperform to make the new iPhone 3G packaging.  PaperFoam is a nearly carbon-neutral packaging that can be used for electronics and CDs/DVDs.  The packaging is also lighter, so it ships using less fuel.  It is also completely recyclable with normal paper curbside recycling.

Greenpeace may have it out for electronic companies, (and they may have a point, no matter how misguided), but I understand that technology is about neutral.  It does take more resources to make and run technology products, but those products also save as much, if not more, energy than they use.