Fire The Bastards. All Of Them.

The House Republicans walked off the floor today, then pulled the plug on CSPAN in order to avoid a vote on the middle class tax cut set to expire at the end of 2011.

While John Boehner will not confirm his office was responsible for cutting off the CSPAN feed, according to CSPAN's Twitter account, "C-SPAN has no control over the U.S. House TV cameras – the Speaker of the House does."

Just to recap, here's the timeline of what the House of Representatives did today:

10:00 AM – House of Representatives begins session

10:02 AM – Pledge of Allegiance is recited

10:03 AM – Speaker Pro Tempore Michael Fitzpatrick (R-PA) adjourns session for the day over the objections of Democrratic Whip Steny Hoyer. Republicans leave the chamber.

10:04 AM – CSPAN feed is cut off.


So, they were at work for a total of four minutes today solving the overwhelming problems of this country. If they worked at McDonalds and showed up for .8% of their workday, they'd be on the street.

Where they belong.