“It's Official. channelJimmy is open.”

I’m still toying with some re-designs and what-not, but I’ve officially closed down other sites, namely the old Carpentry Lounge.

“Why?” you ask? Well, my interests have evolved and my future plans have changed as well. I started my first website way back in 1996 when I had an AOL homepage my junior year of college. I set it up as a portfolio to document my scenic design and architecture work. I thought it would help get me a job. It didn’t. It did, however, teach me HTML 1.2, hard-coding web pages, and how to set up a site so it was easy to change a page or a banner.

Fast forward 13 years, and I’m still doing it. The Carpentry Lounge began as a showcase for my home makeover tv work and my interest in sustainable building. All of that is still true. But I’m neck-deep in technology, computers (mostly Mac!), gadgets, sustainable building, social media, live-streaming, politics, and more. The “Carpentry Lounge” was too narrow. Maybe channelJimmy is too wide. We’ll find out together.

I’ve imported all the old articles from the Lounge, and I’m working on categorizing and tagging them all. I’ve also started a new section, “NEWS”, that basically updates you on what show I’m currently working on, or where I am in this great big world. This way, if you only care about what I’m doing, and not what I think, you don’t have to sift thru the opinion, which will be far more opinionated now.

We’re working on some great things for the site, including possible live streaming (or at least recorded clips) of Don’t Sweat It and Dear Genevieve behind-the-scenes fun! Stay tuned.