Oklahoma City Memorial

On an appropriately dreary day, with rain and cold weather dominating the weather forecast, I rode my bike over to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. You can read all about it over on Wikipedia, but here’s the gist: In April 1995, two ex-Army pro-militia survivalists executed the largest terrorist attack to date in America. 168 people died, hundreds were injured, and over 300 buildings were damaged in the blast.

I spent a couple of hours taking pictures. Check out my Flickr set below.

After the recent 10 year anniversary of 9/11, and seeing this today, consider this: Americans have been on a decade-long crusade with our “War On Terror.” There have been a couple of wars, billions spent on new governmental agencies like the TSA and Homeland Security, countless anti-Mosque lawsuits and a general fear of brown people with a religion or language Americans just can’t or won’t understand. But sometimes, it’s just an angry white guy with an anti-government bent.


Sorry, y’all. I’m not using Flickr anymore, so the links are gone.