PS3 + XBox 360 = 9 Refrigerators

According to Intology, who is quoting an Australian company called Choice, Sony’s Playstation 3 console is an energy hog. Even if you aren’t playing it, when it’s on, it consumes the power of 5 refrigerators. Microsoft’s XBox 360 consumes almost as much power as the PS3.

Why is this important? Well, it’s always good to save energy. The Playstation 3 is currently the lowest cost, and most popular way people all over the country watch Blu-Ray movies. Some people even have PS3’s just to watch movies, and never even play Rock Band. (Don’t ask me why. Rock Band, well, rocks.)

There are hundreds of thousands of Playstation 3s sitting in the entertainment centers of hundreds of thousands of homes. Sitting there with the power switch on. Turn them off, people. I’m not talking about going into standby. I’m talking about reaching around to the back of the console, and flipping the actual power switch. Do it. Otherwise, it’s like adding <strong>MILLIONS</strong> of refrigerators to the energy stream.

I do it, now. I didn’t before, I’ll be honest. I like that the PS3 updates itself, and it’s always ready to play a game or watch a movie. Switching it off means I have to wait for it to boot up and update itself before I can watch or play. But this 2 minutes or so of my life every few days is worth it. A PS3 costs an average of $250 a year to operate if you leave it on all the time.

Turn it off, pocket the money, and after a year, buy a Wii!