The New York Times Is Delusional

Not my quote, that nugget belongs to Mike DeGusta.

And he’s right. I’m glad I saw this article (thanks, Gruber) because I was going to do the same thing. Saved me a ton of work. Mr. DeGusta researched several subscription options, and asks, among other things:

Does The Times really think the mass audience is going to decide their $455/year is better spent on The Times rather than getting 20+ free articles/month from The Times plus The Wall Street Journal ($207/year) plus The Economist ($110/year) plus say The Daily ($39/year) for good measure, and still having ~$100 left over each year?

What’s worse, is there is an entire page of subscriber options, with a paragraph at the bottom saying you don’t even get the crosswords. But, you can see 20 articles a month, top news, front page, and section front page stories for FREE. And if you pay just $3.15 a week for the Weekender, you get all this digital stuff for FREE.

Why on earth would anyone pay $8.75 a week for something when they could get that something PLUS all the crosswords and magazines, PLUS that something printed out on paper for less than half the cost?

This is why old media is dying a slow death.