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117 New Emoji Coming This Year

I missed World Emoji Day last week. Somehow my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Luckily, we have Emojipedia.

Jeremy Burge, at Emojipedia:

New emojis are coming to iOS this year, and for World Emoji Day Apple has revealed to Emojipedia its first preview of how these will look.

Ninja, Boomerang, Piñata and Bubble Tea are among the additions shown in today’s iOS emoji preview.

Not pictured, but listed on the Emoji 13.0 page are more inclusive things like women and skin tones for Tuxedo”, men and skin tones for Veil”, man feeeding baby, and gender and skin options for Santa.

And we’re also apparently getting several new animals, including cockroach, so that’s at thing I guess.

One thing that has been mentioned a bunch is the improper use of the word tamale” for that emoji. Proper Spanish is tamal” for one, and tamales” for multiple. I understand where the people who point this out are coming from, but I also get that tamale” is a common way to refer to a single tamal, at least in English. Words only mean something if people understand them, and my guess is most English speakers don’t know what a tamal is, but absolutely know what a tamale is.

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