The Problem With Keyboard Shortcuts on iOS

Spoiler Alert: Inconsistencies

Why are keyboard shortcuts so inconsistent, even across different apps of the same type? I look at four iOS email clients with wildly different keyboard shortcut implementations, and they are super confusing.

WWDC 2019 Wish List

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

It’s that time of year again! We’re a few days out from WWDC 2019, and everyone is talking about what they want to see in the next update to Apple’s line of operating systems. I do most of my work on iOS these days, so that’s where most of my needs come from.

Blanche likes to “help” Gary play in the water table. These two are adorable together.

The last season of Game of Thrones has begun! I’m probably crazy, but I still think a Lannister will take the throne at the end.

But not the Lannister you think. It’s going to be Tyrion.

AirPower Is Dead

Raise your hand if you’re surprised

Apparently, jamming a bunch of heat-creating charging coils into a leather envelope causes heat issues. Who knew?

Apple Games

Engagement is a bad word.

John Gruber has a few thoughts on Apple’s rumored gaming subscription service that may or may not be announced alter this morning. I mostly agree with him, but I have one quibble.

Folding Phones Are Coming

Cool concept, but I'll wait.

Folding displays will become a thing some day. Right now, it's early days. A folding phone is basically 2 phones hinged together by a flexible screen. Double the thickness, double the weight.

Fryman Canyon Hike. Sunglasses required. 😎

We’re off to get our library card (and test the new Gary carrier backpack)

I call it the Garrier. 😎

That Damn Notch

A dead-simple way I'm dealing with the iPhone X

I switched the sidebar of the site to a dark color last week. It's a small change, but I think it sets off the content better than the previous sea of white. Here's how easy it is...

Happy Villaintines Day!


Training Day.

Get it? Because trains. 😎🚂

If I had as much “fuck you” money as ‪@JeffBezos‬, I’d buy all of AMI and just turn it into a hipster food blog.‪

Forgot my AirPods today and have to wear my work-issued headphones or listen to the cacophony of an open plan office.

I’m reminded that I hate both ear sweat and wires. 🎧 👂💦

230 New Emojis Coming This Year

Now, if we could just search for them, Apple...

It's great to see all these new inclusive groups represented in Emoji. Same-sex couples, various disabilities, prosthetic appendages, more skin tone options, and gender options for jobs.

I’m just glad the most offensive and embarrassing picture of me from high school involves nothing but a sousaphone.

Twitter just informed me that it has been my longest relationship.

If It Ain’t Broke...

Sometimes paper is best

I’ve heard some people argue that changes could be made faster if all this was in a prompter, but I like that cue cards are still an art form.

Apple Watch Faces, 2019 Edition

What Makes a Watch Smart?

It’s a new year, and I’ve rebuilt my watch faces. I got a Series 4 Apple Watch last fall. After playing with the new faces and going through a big life change, I’ve streamlined and updated my watch faces since I wrote about it the last time.

Full Circle


It always amazes me the things smart engineers and designers can come up with. No matter your phone or camera preference, this is some pretty cool shit.

Apple Music Coming to Echos


From the Amazon Blog:

Music has always been one of Alexa’s most popular features and today we’re excited to announce that Apple Music will be available on Echo devices beginning the week of December 17.

Gary’s first Disney Day! He’s kind of a people watcher already. He also likes corn dogs. with @carlybracco