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This site is completely written, researched, and updated by me, Jimmy Little.  It is meant to be a personal and sometimes professional outlet for information about me, what I’m interested in, and what I’m doing. All views here are my own. It’s called Cocktails & Coffee because a lot of what I write is fueled by caffeine and alcohol. Or internet rage, But doesn’t fit on a business card.

RSS Feed

Really Simple Syndication is a great, free, open source way to follow the content of blogs you love. Cocktails and Coffee provides both RSS and JSON feeds. If you subscribe, new articles will magically show up in your RSS reader whenever I publish.


Everything here is written by me.  If I quote another site or video, it is always attributed and linked to.  Don’t steal content.  That makes you an unproductive douche.


The workflow for C&C is always changing. I recently moved off of Jekyll and Github Pages, and started using Blot. Blot is pretty cool, all you need to do is save a .txt or .md file in a folder, and it publishes for you. You can keep your files in GitHub or Dropbox. I use GitHub because I can’t stand Dropbox’s Mac integrations. It’s mostly maintained on my iPad, using Working Copy to push to GitHub. It was way easier to set up and maintain than Jekyll.

Wordpress and Squarespace were super easy, but they were pretty heavy for a blog. Static is where it’s at for me right now. If opening a terminal or looking at CSS scares you, stick with Squarespace. It really was awesome when I used it.


Images on this site are either my own, Royalty Free, Creative Commons, or pulled from the source of the article I’m quoting. If they require attribution, they get a credit in the post. Artists need to make a living, so I make sure they get the credit they deserve.  Don’t just Google for images and use them. That’s stealing.  Thieves are dicks.  

Web Standards

If the site doesn’t display properly it’s because you are not using a standards-compliant browser. This site is HTML 5 and CSS 3 compliant, with minimal JavaScript. It’s simple, which is why I switched to Blot. To properly display the site, switch to a modern, standards-compliant browser like Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.  Don’t e-mail me that the site looks like shit with Internet Explorer, there’s nothing I can do about that.  

If you are using a grown-up web browser and have an issue, please let me know.

This site uses responsive CSS, so it should look great on all screen sizes. Disclaimer - looking great” is subjective, and we’ll have to just disagree on design choices if you don’t like my style.

Tracking and Privacy

I use Google Analytics to track page views. I don’t keep any data about who is reading, or where they’re reading from. I’m probably going to kill Google Analytics soon anyway, it’s not like I make any money from this site.

I use some minimal Javascript:

  • js-jquery powers my search
  • Bigfoot takes care of the cool pop-up footnotes.1
  • Barbra.js takes care of the pagination of the index.

Support the Site

Support the site by shopping at Amazon

By shopping through the Amazon link on this page, a small percentage of the purchases you make comes back to me.  I use the income to pay for this site.  Any income above and beyond that is donated to animal charities.  Also, most of the software and products I link to on this site use affiliate links.  If you click on a link and buy something through iTunes, the App Store, or Amazon, I will get a small percentage of the purchase price back from Apple or Amazon, and it costs you nothing.  That’s a damn good deal for everyone.

For all my apps and equipment, check out the /Uses page.

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