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Day 62

Yes. Day 62. Ugh.

Bottom line is, Covid has totally borked Ikea’s supply chain and cabinets are hard to come by. They had all the drawers, hardware, doors, legs, fillers, etc. but no actual cabinets.

Some stuff was in stock, some will be delivered later this week, and some has no estimate of delivery at all.

So, I trolled the Ikea site for several days, buying every cabinet that was even close. After three days of picking up 5 different orders at two different Ikea stores, I have most of what I need. Finally.

But, of course not all of it is the right” thing. I bought what they had. In some cases, I modified the design a bit to fit the parts (for example, using two 12″ cabinets in place of a 24″ cabinet). In most cases, I just bought whatever cabinet was close and modified to to fit the design.

After getting in a couple of day’s work over the weekend, the kitchen is finally looking like a kitchen!

Still waiting on the sink runStill waiting on the sink run

I’m still missing the sink cabinet and the countertops for that whole run, but the stove wall, the island, and the bar/refrigerator end are very close.

Next weekend, I’ll have the rest of the parts in, so should make some progress on the sink wall, then it’s all down to some trim panels and moldings.

I was hoping to be done by now, but Covid has played havoc with global manufacturing and shipping. Going over by a few weeks has been an inconvenience, but keeping the kitchen operational during the renovation has really kept things manageable. Hopefully the ship recently freed in the Suez Canal doesn’t screw up the shipment I’m supposed to be getting this week!🤞

🗓️ March 29, 2021 🏷️ KitchenRemodel
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