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Final Cut and Logic for iPad

From the Apple Newsroom:

Final Cut Pro for iPad introduces a powerful set of tools for video creators to record, edit, finish, and share, all from one portable device. Logic Pro for iPad puts the power of professional music creation in the hands of the creator β€” no matter where they are β€” with a complete collection of sophisticated tools for songwriting, beat making, recording, editing, and mixing. Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad will be available on the App Store as subscriptions starting Tuesday, May 23.

Whether or not you will ever use Final Cut or Logic on an 11”-13” screen, it is exciting to see Apple treat their β€œPro” iPads like pro machines by offering pro-level software. The $5 per month subscription may be a little controversial, but as someone who remembers buying Final Cut Pro in a box for several hundred dollars it seems like a great deal to me.

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