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Google Domains Shutting Down

In a move surprising no one, Google is shutting down its domain registry service. They are selling everything to Squarespace. I’m glad it’s going to Squarespace; they will actually take care of it. Unfortunately, Google managed to get some stupid TLDs in the mix (like .zip) before getting out of the game.

Abner Li, at 9to5Google:

Google cited efforts to sharpen our focus” in selling the Google Domains registrar business, which launched in 2014 as a big proponent of HTTPS and top-level domains (TLDs) as of late. The service exited beta in 2022.

Telling that it was in beta from 2014-2022, then shut down in 2023. I don’t know why anyone trusts Google to maintain anything outside of Search and gSuite.

Read the press release here.

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