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Happy Independence Day

This is the day when people violate the US Flag Code with abandon, make fun of England for losing the war 250 years ago, terrify pets and vets with illegal fireworks, and eat unhealthy amounts of overcooked meats, all while day-drinking (or bigots just shooting at) cheap beer.

But let’s hope this isn’t the last free and open July 4th. If Project 2025 makes it out the door, we could be looking at a China-style military parade marching down Pennsylvania Avenue this time next year while living in a religious autocracy.

So as you drape your Costco Tommy Bahama patio cooler in American Flags today, remember to get out and vote in November

And make sure to vote for the old forgetful guy that respects the laws and freedoms of this country, not the old forgetful guy who wants to be a dictator on day one.

So, Happy Independence Day, I guess. Pew-pew.


πŸ—“οΈ July 4, 2024 🏷️ Politics
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