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Is Mavericks Screwing Up Your PDFs?

OSX Mavericks is here. It has been for a few weeks. And it’s still broken in places.

When you click on a PDF in Safari, you used to get a preview in the browser of the thing you clicked on. Now, many are getting a page full of what looks like gibberish. It’s not, it’s the code that makes the PDF, but users should never see that.

There’s a quick way to fix it.

  1. Open Terminal (it’s in your utilities folder in the Applications folder)

  2. Type this: (Copy and paste, if you like)

defaults write WebKitOmitPDFSupport -bool NO
  1. Restart Safari. All is well.

This is such a simple fix, I don’t know why the bug is still here after three weeks, but until they fix it, this will allow you to read all those ill-gotten comic books.

🗓️ November 7, 2013 🏷️ Mavericks
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