My Ex-iPad My first Apple return...

I have a lot of Apple stuff. Like, an unhealthy amount. I’ve owned every iPad. I’ve had two generations of iPod, an iPod mini, three generations of the Nano, a couple Shuffles, a first generation iPod Touch, and every iPhone from 2007 up to my shiny new 5S. I’ve had three iMacs (the lampshade one and two aluminums), three MacBook Pro’s, a Mac mini, and my current main machine, a 2011 MacBook Air. In my house now, between my lady and I, we have 2 iPhone 5Ss, our old iPhones (a 4 and a 4S, both unlocked), an original iPad in the kitchen, an iPad 3 that stays on the couch, and we each carry an iPad mini around. I love my mini. It’s the perfect size and weight.

Then I listened to many nerd podcasts, as I always do. All the pundits have an iPad Air to review. It’s so much thinner and lighter. It’s super fast. It’s comfortable to hold. I can barely tell the difference between the Air and my iPad mini”, they say. This is what the iPad should be”, they say. So, I bought the iPad Air on launch day. I was excited to move back into the world of big screens and more importantly, Retina screens.

Every time I buy a new toy, my first day is so exciting. It’s fast, pretty, and very thin. I was so happy to return to the world of big screens. I dutifully loaded all my apps and documents, then I took it on the subway on my way to work yesterday.

That day, I returned it.

Yep, me. The guy who keeps old iPads around to use as extra remote controls. The guy who has 2 iMacs, a Mac mini, and 3 MacBook Pros in storage. The guy with a dozen or so iOS devices in his Find My iPhone” list.

There is no room for a 10″ tablet on the train. It is shoulder to shoulder crowded, and there is very little room between human flesh to hold a tablet.

I gave my iPad mini to my lady when I upgraded. She had a cracked screen. I’m now using her janky broken-ass iPad mini until Later In November” when the Retina Mini comes out. It’s thinner-er and lighter-er than the Air, and the physical size means all the world to a New York City commuter who tries to read on the crowded subway.

Nov 10, 2013 iPad
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