Getting Things Done

by David Allen

Getting Things Done changed the way I think about how to keep the various aspects of my life in control. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re looking for some ideas on how to bring some order to your chaotic life, give it a read.

I don’t follow GTD to the letter, but I took some really helpful information out of this book.

One More Reason to Not Like Tom Cruise

OK, so Tom Cruise USED to be cool. “Top Gun”, “Risky Business”. Then it was all downhill to “The Last Samauri” and “Vanilla Sky”. Scientology is fine, if you’re into that sort of thing. But he made a comment in “STAR” magazine last month (I don’t read STAR, really…) that really got my panties in a bunch.

2007 Gadget of the Year

The iPhone is not the best gadget of 2007 for the obvious reasons. Yes, it’s revolutionary. Yes, it has changed the way other manufacturers view what a phone should do. It is my gadget if the year because it changes the way cell phones exist and do business.

I know, more iPhone talk.  I’m thinking of making a whole section about it.  But this is the end of the year, and this is the best thing I spent money on all year.  The iPhone is my gadget of the year, easily.

MacWorld 2008 Predictions

OK, I’ll admit it. I love predictions and rumors. Mac rumors are more prevalent than actual Mac products. Here are my predictions for MacWorld 2008…


For some reason, this post was truncated when converting from Wordpress. Gone down the toilet of the interwebs.

Can internet video streaming services replace your digital video recorder?

The short answer is, oh yeah! But not yet. After trying a couple of free – that’s right, FREE- services, I can see what all the hoopla is about.

The Internet will be my DVR.

I love Apple Computers. I love my iPods. I love my Apple TV. I really, really like my iPhone. Why can’t this be love?

Apple gets more of my money.

Apple OSX (that’s O.S. 10, not O.S. Ex) Version 5, or “Leopard” was released Friday, Oct 26, and I bought it. I like to have the newest, coolest electronic thingy first. I know, it’s a disease, and I’m not seeking help.

It's Easy Being Green

by Chrissy Trask

Surveys find that over 80 percent of Americans agree with the goals of the environmental movement. Sadly, most Americans admit to doing little more than basic recycling when it comes to acting on that disposition. What is the reason for this great divide between environmental sentiment in this country and individual actions? Author and environmental consultant Crissy Trask seeks to answer this question-and solve the disparity-with a new book that makes it easy to be an environmentalist, no matter how busy or hectic your lifestyle. This is a day to day guide with simple, practical suggestions that anyone can put into action_

365 Ways to Live Green

This is a quick read, and lots of good info.

365 Ways to Live Green offers an extended list of opportunities to live with more care for the environment by educating, inspiring and motivating people to look at the choices that are made everyday, and challenging them to change their habits. Broken down into 365 tips, with two concise points per page, readers can use this book to learn to make better everyday choices, from picking safer cleaning products to alternative holidays—this is everyone’s all-purpose guide to green living.