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I’m not big on posting about dead celebrities. Art affects people deeply, whether it’s music, acting, painting, or whatever the shit the Kardashians do. I happen to really like music. I was never a huge fan of Prince, but I always knew he was a great musician and he put on a hell of a show.
A lot of people have been posting a video of a George Harrison tribute where Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne, Prince, and a Dhani Harrison play While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Prince doesn’t sing, but he plays the guitar solo. A few things stand out in this video, to me:

  • Tom Petty is wearing purple, not Prince. Weird.
  • Prince out-Jimi-Hendrixes Jimi Hendrix, without really trying.
  • About 4:40 in, Prince leans off the stage into the arms of a big guy who I assume is his bodyguard, then gets pushed back onto stage. This was obviously a planned gag, but he does it without missing a beat.
  • This is the best part: at the very end of the song, Prince takes his guitar off and throws it in the air. IT NEVER COMES BACK. Where the hell did it go?

Freaking magic, man.

🗓️ April 25, 2016 🔗 YouTube 🏷️ Music 🏷️ Video
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