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Priority is a four letter word

I’ve been thinking a lot about priorities lately.  Turns out, there’s really no way to prioritize things.  It’s just not possible.  The same week I start pondering my personal paradox of priorities, I read over on another site an article from my favorite life-commentator, Merlin Mann.

Luckily, I happen to agree with every point he makes, and I also happen to be pretty lazy/busy right now, so instead of posting my thoughts, I’m just going to link to his.  Enjoy the read, and check out the other articles on 43Folders.  It’s good stuff.  Oh, and listen to You Look Nice Today. (iTunes Link)

Mud Rooms, Red Letters, and Real Priorities | 43 Folders | Merlin Mann

By the way, if you like to post things on your website that you find interesting that were really on someone else’s website, don’t copy and paste.  That’s just being a douche.  Some sites (not this one, but some) rely on clicks and ads to survive.  If you copy and paste, even if you give them credit, you are stealing money from the other guy’s pocket.  If you want to give someone credit, do it like me, with a link.  That way, you, dear reader, need to actually go to and read the story.  And that way, you, dear reader, will get the full experience of reading that story the way it was meant to be read, on the other guy’s site, with the other guy’s graphics, and with the other guys ads.  That’s America.

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