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Progress Banner Image Progress Through the lens of the Space Jam web site. Max Böck, on his blog: Right. So after 25 years of technological progress, after bringing 4.7 billion people in the world online, after we just 🗓️ April 5, 2021 🔗 Max Böck 🏷️ Internet Ajit Pai Is an Idiot Fire Him. Now. This guy is in charge of all of the airwaves. Let that sink in. 🗓️ September 29, 2017 🔗 The FCC 📷 Screengrab from The Daily Caller’s Stupid Video 🏷️ Apple🏷️ Internet🏷️ Politics It's Not About The Porn Banner Image It's Not About The Porn Who needs privacy, anyway? Today, Republicans (and only Republicans) voted to strip the American people of their privacy online. That’s the only way to look at it. Because 🗓️ March 28, 2017 🏷️ Internet🏷️ Politics🏷️ Privacy The Internet Decapitalized Banner Image The Internet Decapitalized Finally. We will lowercase internet effective June 1, when the 2016 Stylebook launches. #ACES2016 — AP Stylebook 🗓️ June 1, 2016 🔗 Twitter 🏷️ Internet🏷️ Micro The Irony Is Lost on Verizon Banner Image The Irony Is Lost on Verizon Writing for the Verizon-owned SugarString “news” site, Nick Douglas begins: Hungary’s parliament is considering a bill that would impose a tax on 🗓️ October 29, 2014 🔗 SugarString 🏷️ Internet🏷️ Taxes🏷️ Linked List
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