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Texas Oil Man Winds Up Wind

Texas Oil Man T. Boone Pickens has a plan. It is aptly named PickensPlan (catchy, huh?) The plan is a way to reduce our dependency on foreign oil by harnessing wind. Here’s the Cliff’s Notes

  • The U.S. has the most pronounced wind corridor in the world, providing endless, free, natural fuel to power wind turbines.
  • The wind turbines will produce over 20% of the nation’s electrical power.
  • Currently, natural gas provides over 20% of the nation’s electrical power.
  • Take the natural gas that’s being saved by wind, and put it into transportation.
  • Oil needs for transportation will go down 38% by transferring the natural gas from power to transportation.
  • Our foreign oil costs will drop over $300 billion annually. Within 10 years.
  • The technology is there. Wind turbines exist. Natural Gas vehicles exist. no more inventing is needed, just production

This is no Inconvenient Truth” in terms of production value, but it is interesting. Check out the video:

🗓️ July 21, 2008 🏷️ Green
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