The End of Publishing?

Many people (including me, sometimes) think that dead-tree books are on their way out. I haven’t bought a paper book in two years, and have been completely media-free (other than Netflix and downloads) since Christmas of 09. The Kindle and iPhone have changed the way I consume media, and the iPad will continue that trend.

In my life.

Other people have a different take. And that’s great. If you want to fill up a library room with floor to ceiling books lining the shelves like that room where the cop used the phone in the movie Clue”, then go for it. If you like having rows of CDs or DVDs lining the shelves of your media closet, enjoy. I don’t have the space for all that.

But print is not dead. It never will be. And this super-interesting and well written internal clip from Penguin Publishing proves it. Watch the whole thing, and don’t skip around or you’ll ruin the surprise twist…

Mar 17, 2010 Video
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