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The UnTouch Bar

I’ve been playing with Touché from Red Sweater Software, and I can really see a case for the TouchBar on an external Keyboard doohickey. A lot of people say the TouchBar isn’t that useful, but as a desktop user, I installed Touché and it has dramatically changed a couple of things for me.

  • I never use the Emoji picker anymore. It was such a pain. Now, I just type a word, and the auto-complete usually surfaces the right emoji. (I typed happy” to get the three smileys in the screenshot above)
  • I can lock my screen with a tap. The Lock icon in the Control Strip is quick. I also have a Keyboard Maestro shortcut, and a trick to lock the Mac, but having all three, depending on context, is really handy.
  • iTunes control is pretty sweet.
  • Using the Control Strip for system things lets me keep my Keyboard in Fn Mode all the time. I know I’d lose this if a real” TouchBar keyboard ever came out, but for now it’s pretty convenient.

Touché is free from Red Sweater’s site. Play with it.

🗓️ January 23, 2017 🏷️ Apple 🏷️ Mac 🏷️ TouchBar
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