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Weeknotes 20-30

The Week, Mostly In Order


  • Still no word on C’s COVID test results. She’s feeling much better, but we’re staying locked down until we know for sure.
  • Projects at work are piling up. Things that I thought other groups were handling may end up in our group.
  • The boy is out of the crib and in a bed now. It’s been a couple nights, and seems to be going well. If he does get up, he just wanders around his room for a minute, then goes back to bed.


  • Validation scenarios for software cutovers are mind numbing. Hundreds of actions like right click should show clone option”.
  • C was told today it’ll be a few more days for COVID test results. Fucking insane that it takes this long.
  • Going to try my first Morning routine tomorrow from the Morning Miracle book. Getting up 75 minutes early to get in a workout, meditation, and some reading before the boy gets up.


  • OK, remember last week when I said reading two books simultaneously was working? Not so much. Back to just one now. I can keep it all straight, but I just don’t have the time. Maybe once I get into my morning routine, I’ll make some time.
  • Speaking of… I completely failed at the morning routine today. I got up at 5 like I wanted, but the dog snuggled in and I couldn’t get up. I’m a sucker.


  • I’m going to stop trying to set my morning routine until I finish the Morning Miracle book. Seems counter-productive at this point. I am getting up a bit earlier and taking some quiet time before the family gets up, and even that’s helping a lot.
  • Meditation is going well. Food logging is not.


  • Still waiting on C’s COVID test. 11 days now. Bullshit.
  • The boy has been doing great in his new bed. Sleeping through the night, and mostly staying in bed. We’ve seen him sleeping on the floor here and there, but I did the same thing, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  • Busy week at work, will probably have to do some stuff over the weekend.
  • Got my replacement SSD from OWC, so I’ll be tearing the iMac apart again this weekend.


  • I’m getting pretty good at Beat Saber on the Oculus Quest, so there’s that.


  • Finally got around to installing the new SSD in the  4K iMac. Installing Big Sur beta on it, because why not? I’m setting it up as a new machine, so there’s nothing to lose.
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