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WeekNotes 20-34

The Week, Mostly In Order


  • Trying to get wrapped up at work so I can relax on the drive. I don’t thing it’s going to happen.
  • Finished building a portable standing desk at lunch today. I based the design on a few different commercial products I’ve seen. They are all about $150, I made mine out of some leftover plywood in my garage.


  • Of course, everything blows up at work on the last day before vacation 🤣. Instead of taking off a bit early to get packing done, I got a 4:30 meeting added to the calendar. 🤷‍♂️
  • Good news: C’s COVID-19 test finally came back. It’s negative. It took 32 days.


  • Day one of driving. Not too bad. Made it to Flagstaff, AZ. The boy held up pretty well, no meltdowns!


  • Day two - Flagstaff to Tucamcari, NM. Another successful day! We stopped for a hot second at the Petrified National Forest, but didn’t really go in at all. Just walked around the visitors center and gift shop


  • Day three - Tucamcari to Tulsa, OK. Three days in the truck, and the family is hanging in there perfectly. Great attitudes all around. Also, I’m pretty surprised to see near-universal use of masks in public. All the hotels and restarurants have required them, and most people are complying. I would love to sit in a restaurant, but we just grab food and eat in the truck or in the hotel. I don’t trust people that much.


  • Day four - Tulsa to Highland, IL. Still going strong. We’re staying with a friend tomorrow, so it’ll only be a short drive in the morning, two, three hours tops.


  • Day five. Short drive this morning, and spent the day in a house. The boy and dog are loving the extra space. One more long day of driving tomorrow, then a cuple weeks with the parents so they get some time with the boy. They haven’t seen him in months.

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