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Bye, Facebook

It’s been a long time coming, but I deactivated my Facebook account today. I used their download your info tool to grab my history of posts and pictures, then hit the Deactivate Account” option in Settings. It’s not a permanent move (yet), but it may be. I’ve been rarely visiting Facebook the last few months, and I’ve deleted any app integrations and identity logins months ago. It’s just not a part of my life anymore.

I logged on today to see what was going on in the Facebook world, and it’s a fucking dumpster fire. That may be my fault for having so many friends” that I don’t really care about on Facebook. It may be that Facebook’s algorithms bubble the most toxic stuff to the top to get engagement, I don’t know.

What I do know is, I probably won’t miss it. I’m going to give it a couple months in DEACTIVATED state to make sure I don’t want it anymore, then I’m hitting the big red delete button.

You can still find me on Twitter and Instagram for now.

🗓️ November 19, 2016 🏷️ Social 🏷️ Facebook
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