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Day 1

Getting from the drawing to the actual space is a big first step. I have all of this worked out, modeled in 3d down to 1/8″ tolerance. I know this is going to work out fine, but getting a couple of walls framed in really helps put the space in perspective. It also helps my family, who is not so construction-minded, to start to better visualize the changes. I spent a half a day getting some bones” built so we can start wrapping our heads around the new space. It will probably sit like this for a couple weeks while I do more demolition and get some plumbing and electrical lines moved, but it was a good kickoff to this project.

The Expansion

Moving the wall 16"Moving the wall 16"

It’s a lot of extra work to move this over, but I’m doing it for a few reasons.

  1. With a coffered ceiling, it will look a lot better if the room is a true rectangle. Without this move, it’s more of a shallow L” shape.
  2. This move gives plenty of counter space on each side of the new stove location (where the refrigerator is now)
  3. By moving this wall, and therefore the ceiling beams, over a bit, it will give the new kitchen island more room, and allow a wider walkway between the island and the main counter.

The Ceiling

The Coffered Ceiling, Part 1The Coffered Ceiling, Part 1

Much like bumping out the wall, the coffered ceiling will be a lot of work. Here’s the reasoning:

  1. They look nice. This is only half of it. The drop-celing over the main part of the kitchen is being removed and the coffered ceiling will span the entire width of the room.
  2. We’re using beadboard on the ceiling, and coffering the beams gives us a way to eliminate the seams in the beadboard panels. All the beams are less than four feet apart, so there will be no seams.
  3. Because of a steel beam supporting the second floor, getting some electrical and plumbing lines across the room is tough. If the ceiling is coffered, I can run some of this stuff through the hollow beams.
  4. I hate finishing drywall, and if we cover the ceiling with wood, I don’t have to finish the drywall (this is the real win!)
🗓️ January 26, 2021 🏷️ KitchenRemodel
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