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Day 29

I skipped last week’s update because, honestly, it would have been pretty boring. The week was mostly dormant in the kitchen, except for a lot of drywall finishing on the walls. I can get drywall looking good, but I’m slow. Like painfully slow. Plus, the third coat of joint compound doesn’t really make for a compellng photo.

Here’s what’s happenened since the last update…

  • Got the rest of the wall taken out and the microwave moved to the new location.
  • Had the gas line moved, and the oven is now in it’s new location. This really opened up the space!
  • Got the drywall finished and the texture sprayed. Primed and painted the first coat of paint. It looks great.
  • Started the coffered beadboard ceiling. I got 5 of the 8 panels done, then my toddler started getting a little cranky about the nail guns, so I stopped. I’ll try to finish the ceiling up this week in small bursts.
  • Hooked up and tested all the low voltage wiring going to the cabinet lighting.

The Cabinet Lighting Bus Bar

So Many WiresSo Many Wires

The Coffered Ceiling

As a reminder, this is what things looked like last week:

What A Mess!What A Mess!

And here’s where we are now:

Getting StartedGetting Started

It’s Coming Along Nicely!It’s Coming Along Nicely!

The rest of this week is pretty busy at work, so I don’t expect to get much done before the weekend. I may get the last couple ceiling panels up, but that’s it. This weekend will be a lot of work on the floor, and we’ll be placing the order for the cabinets (hopefully!)

🗓️ February 24, 2021 🏷️ KitchenRemodel
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