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Day One

Trump no longer has the nuclear codes, so that’s nice.

Joe Biden was the youngest Senator to be sworn in, he’s now the oldest President to be sworn in. That’s a hell of a good run. I’m expecting a pretty boring but very effective Presidency. Biden knows he’s a one-termer, so I have a feeling he’s going the DGAF1 route. It will certainly be nice to have a leader with tolerance and empathy after the last four years.

Kamala Harris made history today. The first woman, first Indian American, and first Black person to hold national office. To quote Joe Biden himself, that’s A big fucking deal.” Whether or not she runs for the Big Chair in 2024 is still up for debate, but let’s give her time to settle in to this history before we start goading her to make the next one.

Trump has ruined so much of this country, the damage is incalculable. Things won’t get better today, but at least they will stop getting worse.

Let’s get to work. It’s only day one.

  1. Don’t Give A Fuck”, for those who speak in full sentences.↩︎

🗓️ January 20, 2021 📷 ABC News 🏷️ Politics
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