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Delete Birthdays With Shortcuts

The Good Ol’ Days

Remember a few years ago when social networks on phones were brand new and we all gave Facebook or Twitter or Path or HeyTell or whatever to our address books?

It was a great convenience to hook up with all your friends automatically and get all their details sucked into your contacts database automaticaly.

Then ten years passed. You don’t really talk to some of those people any more, and you certainly don’t need to see their birthdays on your calendar.

Here’s a quick Shortcut I built to take care of this. It’s only five steps, but super useful.

Here’s How It Works

Step Image Description
1 Find ContactsFind Contacts Step 1: Find contacts who have birthdays in the next month. You can change this to whatever interval works for you. 1
2 Choose From ListChoose From List Step 2: Chose from list of the contacts returned from Step 1. This allows you to deselect contacts if you want to keep their birthday.
3 Repeat With EachRepeat With Each Step 3: Repeat with each will loop through each selected contact and apply whatever is in the repeat block.
4 Edit ContactEdit Contact Step 4: Edit contact action removes anything in the birthday field
5 End RepeatEnd Repeat Step 5: End the repeat loop

That’s it. Now you can clean up all those contacts and by extension, your calendar. Break free from the endless barrage of notifications about that person you haven’t seen since Friends was on Thursday nights.

  1. I set this to a month and have a recurring reminder to run this the first of every month. If you have a ton of contacts, you may want to do it more often to keep the list manageable.↩︎

🗓️ November 21, 2020 🏷️ Shortcuts
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