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FaceID Might Be a Thing

In the latest public beta of iOS, the TouchID interface changed from a solid white panel that slid up from the bottom to a full screen blurred overlay. Wonder why… It struck me that this is the same overlay that FaceTime uses when choosing someone to call.

I’m beginning to think all the rumors about a facial recognition system may be legit. If the authorize my phone to do this thing” screen looks like FaceTime but works with TouchID, it’s not too much of a stretch to think that FaceID” could be an option on this screen.

And on top of that, if/when Apple gets the fingerprint sensor working behind a display, putting my thumb on that image in the center of the screen would allow for edge-to-edge screens with no bezels.

🗓️ July 28, 2017 🏷️ Apple 🏷️ iPhone
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