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Folding Phones Are Coming

From the Huawei Blog

Defining a new category of mobile devices by adopting flexible display. The soft screen can bend and stretch numerous times without compromise. Prepared to be surprised by its innovation and groundbreaking performance.

Folding displays will become a thing some day. Right now, it’s early days. A folding” phone is basically 2 phones hinged together by a flexible screen. Double the thickness, double the weight.

I’m waiting for a day when a 6mm thick phone can unfold into a tablet.

All that being said, I think Huawei’s phone looks way better when folded than Samsung’s monstrosity.

🗓️ February 24, 2019 🔗 Via Huawei 📷 Huawei 🏷️ Phone 🏷️ iPhone 🏷️ Linked List
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