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OK, listen…

The stuff Elon Musk is doing over at Twitter is bat-shit crazy. He’s trying a hundred things a day, and they’re all failing miserably.

I don’t think Twitter is going away any time soon, and I have no plans on leaving (yet). If things go to fuck-all on Twitter, I’ll be on Mastodon.

Funny thing is, I’ve had a Mastodon account since 2018. I wonder what was going on at Twitter back then that made me think I may need an alternative.

Anyway, I’ll be splitting Twitter time with Mastodon for a while. My plan is to keep political stuff on Twitter, since it’s already a shitshow, and keep my Mastodon nice and light with only positive things. Come follow me!

Mastodon feels like 2008 Twitter, where I can follow-back everyone and really build a circle of internet friends. A nice fresh start is pretty exciting.

🗓️ November 14, 2022 🏷️ Social Media 🏷️ Twitter 🏷️ Mastodon
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