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Step It Up, Siri Banner Image Step It Up, Siri Isn't this one obvious? Siri is great at a lot of things, but Apple really needs to get the obvious things into her (it?). I hear it’s great at telling me when the next πŸ—“οΈ November 7, 2016 🏷️ Apple🏷️ Siri WWDC Week of Wants, Vol 6 Banner Image WWDC Week of Wants, Vol 6 Today's Ramblings: Siri Apple was the first compnay to put voice control in a phone with the iPhone 3GS. Siri took over for Voice Control with the iPhone 4S, and was a vast πŸ—“οΈ June 12, 2016 🏷️ Apple🏷️ Siri🏷️ WWDC WWDC Week of Wants, Vol 4 Banner Image WWDC Week of Wants, Vol 4 Today's Ramblings: Home Whatever happened to HomeKit? When HomeKit was announced in 2014, it showed a lot of promise. Having one way to interface with all the fiddly bits πŸ—“οΈ June 10, 2016 🏷️ Apple🏷️ HomeKit🏷️ Automation🏷️ Siri🏷️ Echo🏷️ WWDC Siri Spills It Banner Image Siri Spills It According to the guys over at 9to5Mac, and confirmed by yours truly (and a bajillion other internet geeks), Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference πŸ—“οΈ April 18, 2016 πŸ”— 9to5Mac 🏷️ Apple🏷️ WWDC🏷️ Siri🏷️ Linked List
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