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The Irony Is Lost on Verizon

Writing for the Verizon-owned SugarString news” site, Nick Douglas begins:

Hungary’s parliament is considering a bill that would impose a tax on internet use, a hefty 150 forints (US $0.62) per gigabyte. And the internet is pissed.

and concludes:

An internet traffic tax is an innovation tax, and any such tax, no matter how small, would be philosophically devastating.

I totally agree. My issue comes from the fact that Douglas rails against the constantly increasing price of internet access while collecting a paycheck from the biggest culprit of arbitrary internet price increases in the US. I’m surprised they didn’t ban this story, too.

🗓️ October 29, 2014 🔗 SugarString 🏷️ Internet 🏷️ Taxes 🏷️ Linked List
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