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Tracking Vacation

I track a lot of things. I like tracking things because it keeps me centered, it lets me know what’s going on in all aspects of my life, and lets me know when I’m straying from my goals.

I use the Activity app to track standing and exercise hours. I use Streaks to track habits (both good and bad), I use Zero to track Intermittent Fasting, I use LoseIt to track what I eat, and I use various lists in OmniFocus to track everything else.

I recently drove across the country to my family’s home on the east coast so they could see the grandson, which screwed up a lot of my tracking. My stand hours are almost non existent (sitting in a driver’s seat 8 hours a day will do that). My activity rings suffered also. I didn’t do much fasting, never once finished my 100-push-ups-a-day challenge, and ate like shit for a week. The pandemic forces us into more drive-throughs than we like, but safety was more important than good food on the trip.

We’re going to be in the east for a couple weeks (we have someone house-sitting in California, so don’t rob us or anything), then we’re going to do the same thing heading back.

Until I get back to California, I’m taking a tracking vacation. I’m still going to attempt to eat well, exercise a bit, and generally do what I usually do. I’m not going to track any of it, though. I’m turning off all my Streaks and Zero notifications, taking a break from food logging, and will check in on OmniFocus for work and important home things, but ignore the little stuff.

I think taking a break from all the data is important, and I do it a couple weeks every year. Given the circumstances of the shit show that is 2020, I think extending that tracking vacation by a few weeks is appropriate and healthy.

🗓️ August 29, 2020 🏷️ Tracking 🏷️ Logging 🏷️ Mental Health
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