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WeekNotes 20-33

The Week, Mostly In Order


  • We’ve been trying out a mealkit service, and it’s kind of nice. We chose Dinnerly. It’s pretty cheap (about $5/person), the recipes are all about 30 minutes, and the food is good. We do Dinnerly 3 nights a week, and it really helps add variety to the dinner routine during these difficult times™



  • Found out today our office is moving, even though we haven’t been there since March 12. We knew it was planned for this summer, but it’s weird to think someone is packing up my stuff, and when I go back to work next year (literally), all that stuff will just be in a different place.


  • One month ago, C got her COVID test. Still no results. I know her case is an outlier, but it doesn’t make it any less infuriating.
  • Did my full morning routine today. Meditation, exercise, personal reading, a coupleminutes of just absolute silence. It was glorious. I need to make time to do this more often, and eventually build up to every day.


  • Morning routine was hijacked today by a two year old who decided to get up at 5:45 AM. Oh well. At least it’s fun to play with him.
  • Got permission from my company to get into the office and grab my personal stuff, so that’s exciting. I’m heading in Monday

Saturday and Sunday

  • Spending the weekend packing for the road trip. I’m working Monday and Tuesday next week to get as much done as possible, then priodic checkins as we drive. At first I was dreading the 40+ hours in the truck, but now I’m getting excited!

Online Readings

Best News of the Week from Jonathan Hoefler, noting the challenges of designing a campaign logo when you don’t know what the names are going to be.

Also, more road trip blogs and videos that aren’t worth linking. Most of them are junk.

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