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The Week, Mostly In Order


  • OK, here we are! Tomorrow is Election Day and I’m feeling a bit on edge. I usually don’t have issues with anxiety, but I’m really feeling it today. Time to stay calm, have some herbal tea, meditate, and (most importantly) STAY THE FUCK OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA.


  • Utterly failed (as expected) staying off social media.
  • Today’s the day we find out if America is going to redeem itself or be a shit show for the foreseeable future. 🤞
  • All official work meetings and events have been cancelled today to allow for election activiites. Which is good, because I’m pretty distracted right now. I’m going to spend the day cleaning up my Confluence and Jira spaces, go through my Downloads and Desktop folders, clean up my DEVONthink, and generally do some computer clean up and maintenance on my work machine. That kind of activity is actually productive and imortant, but also doesn’t require full attention.


  • Welp, election night was not called. We’re still waiting on ballot counts in a few states. Still feeling optimistic. Biden is ahead in all of the states, and the mai-in vote leans Democrat most of the time, so it keeps looking better and better.
  • Still disappointed in America. It shouldn’t be this close.
  • Got Michigan and Wisconsin! Looking good for Biden, but it’s not over yet. May be several more days.


  • Still countling 6 states. It’s uncofortably close.
  • I’m a lot more productive than I thought I’d be this week. I’m super distracted by news alerts (and Twitter), but still getting a ton done. Maybe nervous energy is my thing (I hope not!)


  • Looks like the election will finally be over today. Biden is ahead and the lead is growing in NV and PA, and is still ahead in GA and AZ. So stressful.
  • On a lighter note, I ordered a HomePod mini today. C has been wanting a speaker out in the garage for when she’s painting, and I’ll use it for working out. So, I got a HomePod mini for my office and I’ll move the aging Sonos One that’s in there down to the garage.
    • Hoping this doesn’t send me down a rabbithole of replacing all my Sonos and Amazon Echo gear with HomePods…


  • They called the election this morning. It’s over for now. I’m expecting some recounts and some lawsuits, but not expecting anything to change substantially. Biden and Harris are leaders-elect, and most of America is breathing a bit easier today. Will write a full post later in the weekend.
🗓️ November 8, 2020 🏷️ weeknotes
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