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WeekNotes 20-49

The Week, Mostly In Order

Last week was Thanksgiving, which means for most office workers in America, a long weekend. As such, I didn’t put out a WeekNotes last week. So, here’s a quick summary of last week before moving on to this week…

  • Off the Hook

  • Mom called over the weekend and basically told us not to travel back east for Christmas. This was a huge relief- I was not looking forward to fighting a toddler and a mask on a plane for 5 hours.

  • Raspberry Pi Updates:

  • The Homebridge setup on the Raspberry Pi has been rock solid. Far better than when it was running on a Mac laptop that kept going to sleep.

  • I also added AirConnect, which turns all my Sonos speakers (of which I have too many) into AirPlay speakers. AirConnect has also been flawless.

  • I have PiHole running on it as well, but am very selective about which devices get routed through there. I don’t want work stuff, for instance, going through a black hole like that.


  • Back on the not-a-holiday eating and exercise plan. The morning routine is back, and the plan is to keep it up until Christmas, when the it-is-a-holiday eating and exercise plan comes back. Thanks to the pandemiic (that’s a weird thing to say…) there are no holiday parties or get-togethers this year, so staying on plan is much easier.
  • Started some old P90X videos again last week. I like the workouts, despite the dated video quality and some socially inappropriate (by today’s standards) comments by the instructor. I just tune those out and do more pull-ups.


  • Well, this morning’s Morning Routine was shit. I got up, but forgot my running shoes upstairs. I immediately lost motivation and sat on the couch reading for 40 minutes instead. Reading is part of my morning, but so is exercise. Better planning - tonight, I bring my running gear downstairs.


  • Much better morning today. Got up, went for a run. Got some reading done.
  • Currently reading Clurtterfree with Kids by Joshua Becker. We’re in a big decluttering mode in our house right now, and it’s going well. Time to start decluttering the toddler! I was turned on to Joshua Becker from a different book on the Bookworm Podcast, which is excellent.


  • Cancelled our Dinnerly subscription last week. I liked the food OK, and it was always easy to prep. But, they don’t have many options for our eating preferences (I’m mostly ketogenic, and my wife is mostly vegan…) and the amount of packaging I have to throw away after an order comes in should be criminal. Theres a box, then an insulation layer of something like upholstry matting covered in plastic, at least a couple of gel ice packs, and then the portioned ingredient containers. I guess I cancelled a little too late, so I got one more box today.


  • Realized I have a few vacation days at work that will expire at the end of the year. Shockingly, we haven’t traveled much this year. Going to take a couple long weekends in December to burn through them.

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