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Weeknotes 22-52

Happy end of 2022, y’all! 🎉 I’m just getting this out there now, even though it’s really 8 days. Not sure if I’m going to get another Weeknotes out this year.


Pretty uneventful. Nice morning at the gym and a pretty standard work-from home kinda day. Finally getting into some new projects at work so I’m doing a lot of reading and research.


In the office. I had a few meetings for new things coming down the pipeline. My entire team is remote, so being in the office means I’m just sitting on Zoom in a different room.


Great workout this morning. I’m starting to get my momentum back as far as taking care of my body goes. I really got lazy post-Thanksgiving this year. C went to an LA Philharmonic concert tonight, so it was just me and the boy hanging out all evening. It’s really great just to hang out with him as he becomes a little person with a personality and opinions.


Even though I don’t actually work with any of my team in the office, it’s nice to be back in the office a bit. Seeing new and old colleagues and having face-to-face time with my boss really changes my attitudes towards work. Still happy that the office is part-time and optional, so I can work remote when I need to.

Friday 🎄

I had a few vacation days expiring at the end of the year, so I’ve taken every Friday in December off. It kinda makes me envy people who have 4-day work weeks. Having a non-weekend day to get shit done is really nice. Today, we spent some time with C’s family celebrating an early Christmas since her younger brothers will be out of town on the 25th.

Friday evening, we went to a 90s-themed Christmas party. It was an outdoor event hosted by one of C’s voice clients with a 90’s cover band. It was a good time

Saturday 🧹

Spent most of the day getting ready for Christmas. We’re hosting a family brunch and friends for dinner, so it’ll be a full house a lot of the day. Lots of cooking and cleaning today.

Sunday 🎄

G woke up ready for presents! C’s older brother stayed with us on Christmas Eve so he could be around for the morning festivities. Watching a 4 year old on Christmas is overwhelming to say the least.

After the morning carnage was dealt with, I spent a couple hours cooking up a big brunch for a few family members that came over. Once they were gone, I started cooking dinner. We had a great night with friends having a nice meal, playing some board games, and generally having a blast.

Monday 🦠

Monday is the official company holiday, so no work today. This ended up being fortunate because C tested positive for COVID this morning. Fun. G and I are still testing negative, but we’ll be stuck in the house for a few days to make sure. Despite this, I got a bit of stuff done in the morning. Moved an old cot out of C’s voice studio and put in a proper daybed, and got a bit of trash out of the garage.

Hoping to get a lot more cleaned out during our quarantine this week, assuming we stay low-symptom or negative. Fingers crossed.

🗓️ December 26, 2022 🏷️ Weeknotes
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