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WeekNotes 20-46

The Week, Mostly In Order


  • Sweet. Dishwasher and HVAC are both dead. Dishwasher is pretty new, so it’s still under warranty. HVAC will be a costly repair.
  • Getting my weekly planning session really nailed down. Creating a note for each meeting using Shortcuts, then a daily and weekly note in Obsidian. Daily notes are transcluded in the weekly note, so I have a nice overview of my week at the end.
  • Having the meeting notes prepared at the beginning of the week (i used to do it each morning instead) allows me to take notes for upcoming meetings right in the doc instead of making items in my task list. It’s much more convenient this way.


  • HVAC fixed, relatively quickly and inexpensively. It was just a bad capacitor on the logic board. Thankfully the module could be replaced without replacing the whole board.
  • Dishwasher parts backordered due to COVID, so I’m handwashing for a while.


  • 👎 Did not write.


  • Worked a bit more in Obsidian on my weekly notes templates for work. It’s pretty dialed in now. I’ve built a Shortcuts automation that creates a note for each meeting with all the relevant details and a Summary heading. The summary from each meeting is transcluded into a DayNote, and all of the DayNotes for the week are transclued into a WeekNote for work. It really helps my auto-journal my week. I can then just add a week summary to the WeekNote, and I’m golden. I may build out a doc that gets the Week Summary block from each note and builds a yearly summary. That’s for 2021, though.


  • Now that we got the heat fixed, Southern California is back up into the high 80’s. Thanks, climate change.


  • Fuck it. I’m usually a no Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving” kind of zealot, but not this year. 2020 has been a shit show, and I need some happy. Put up the tree, garlands, and outside lights today, and I love it!

Christmas Lights!Christmas Lights!

🗓️ November 17, 2020 🏷️ weeknotes
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