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Cocktails & Coffee
Leg Lamp shot glasses Opened these Leg Lamp shot glasses while watching A Christmas Story. Thanks mom Dec 27, 2016 Micro Instagram Little breezy out there, today. Dec 23, 2016 Micro Instagram Emoji Tags in Workflow We don't need no stinking tags I love the Workflow app. It’s simply the most powerful automation tool on iOS. Workflow, along with Working Copy and 1Writer, are what keeps my blog Nov 21, 2016 AutomationWorkflowiPadiPhone Step It Up, Siri Isn't this one obvious? Siri is great at a lot of things, but Apple really needs to get the obvious things into her (it?). I hear it’s great at telling me when the next Nov 7, 2016 AppleSiri DongleGate When a dongle, isn't. A lot has been said over Apple’s recent move away from “legacy” ports. Laptops are USB-C, the headphone jack is gone from the iPhone, and everyone’s Nov 5, 2016 AppleMaciPadiPhone Five years have flown by. This lady is my favorite. Nov 3, 2016 PersonalMicro Instagram Hurricane Matthew Donate. It's easy. just swept Haiti, the Caribbean, & the East Coast of America and the Red Cross is doing what it does. Apple has been working with Oct 10, 2016 AppleCharity App Store Well, crap. Oct 8, 2016 BuildMicro Instagram Tsum-ify #disney #tsumtsum Oct 7, 2016 DisneyMicro Instagram This Is Why HomeKit Is Secure "IoT BotNets are a thing." Bruce Schneier, on Motherboard: Much has been written about how the IoT is wildly insecure. In fact, the software used to attack Krebs was simple Oct 7, 2016 AppleHomeKitHome AutomationIoTSecurityLinked List Motherboard iOS and tvOS Playing Nice When you control the stack... Just noticed a nifty thing watching Netflix’s Luke Cage tonight on my AppleTV. If you enter a search box, you get a push notification on your phone Oct 3, 2016 AppleiPadiPhoneAppleTV On the iPhone 7 Plus A few off-the-cuff impressions, unedited After a few days with the new phone, I have some thoughts… iTunes backup from old phone and restore to new phone was painless for the first time Oct 1, 2016 AppleiPhone 📷 Apple.com Materials Are Hard GOLD! Nick Heer on the Apple Watch Editions use of gold, and now ceramic: Both of these materials are new to Apple, and because the Edition sells in such Sep 23, 2016 AppleDesignLinked List Pixel Envy Just A Shit Ton of Famous People Save the Day. Vote. Remember to vote. Find out how here Sep 21, 2016 PoliticsVideo YouTube Am I doing this whole 'pallet' thing right? Am I doing this whole “pallet” thing right Sep 17, 2016 FunMicro Instagram About That 'Courage' Comment This never would have happened if Steve Jobs was around Phil Schiller said Apple displayed “courage” in removing the headphone jack. He got a lot of flack for using that term, and maybe rightfully so. It Sep 12, 2016 AppleVideo YouTube AirPod Paranoia Take care of your shit, y'all People are really irresponsible and paranoid, judging by their reactions to Apples AirPod announcement. Kirk McElhearn must live in some dystopian Sep 8, 2016 AppleAirPods Apple's September Event It's pronounced bo-kay Tomorrow is Apple’s big fall event, and we’re all expecting new iPhones. I sat out last year’s upgrade for the first time ever, so I’m certainly Sep 6, 2016 Apple WatchiPadiPhoneApple 📷 Apple.com The Well Kept App Store Spring cleaning in the Fall Apple has announced to developers that they are cleaning up their app store. This is good news. The two big steps Apple is taking are cleaning up Sep 2, 2016 AppleApps The Bug! #nationaldogday Aug 26, 2016 DogsMicro Instagram
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